Research Project

Su, Karen

University of Illinois at Chicago's Pipeline for AANAPI Student Success (UIC PASS)

Principal Investigator
Su, Karen
Funding Source
U.S. Department of Education


The University of Illinois at Chicago proposes the Pipeline for Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander (AANAPI) Student Success or “UIC PASS to recruit, retain, enhance the college experience, and graduate AANAPI students. Building upon services for AANAPI students that were established in 2010-2015 with the support of two ANNAPISI grants, Title III, Parts A and F, from the U.S. Department of Education, UIC PASS extends, strengthens, and integrates academic, social, and student services for AANAPI students; it serves as a pipeline to build a network of learning communities on and off-campus to meet the needs of AANAPI students during their transition to college, engage with academic and social support while in college, create a sense of belonging and civic engagement, as well as ease their transition from college to their chosen careers. Drawing on such needs, UIC PASS outlines the following goals: Goal1: Academically Integrated Mentor Support or AIMS: to address AANAPI students’ College Transition: AIMS enables the creation of a cohort of students and integrates pre-freshman and first-year ANNAPI students’ academic and social experiences through a specifically-designed mentor program (AAMPED and Summer AAMPED) and culturally-relevant academic courses with specialized academic tutoring (ASAM Summer College and general education courses). Goal 2: Excellence in Community Experiential Learning or EXCEL: to address AANAPI students’ college-to-career-path: EXCEL provides students with opportunities for establishing and expanding connections to both on-and off-campus Asian American communities and organizations by providing them with innovative academic curricula and service learning activities that provide students with the experiential learning experiences that create civic engagements, and bridge their academic and social interests. Through these various activities, which strengthen the partnerships between the Asian American Resources and Cultural Center, the Asian American Studies Program, and academic support services, UIC PASS aims to provide a holistic educational campus environment for UIC’s AANAPI students.