Research Project

Schewe, Paul

Safe from the Start

Principal Investigator
Schewe, Paul
Funding Source
Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority


The Safe from the Start (SFS) Evaluation Project will carry out a rigorous evaluation of the direct service approaches implemented by the 11 SFS sites to help practitioners, policy makers, and researchers learn more about important components of intervention quality and effectiveness. The evaluation of the SFS project will systematically examine the grantee sites (the 3 sites funded in 2001, the 3 funded in 2002, the 2 Chicago Safe Start sites added in 2005, and the 3 sites added in 2008), both individually and combined. Quantitative data will focus on the provision of direct services for children and caregivers at each site, and the impact of these services on children and families. The SFS project will use the results of this assessment to help advance the field by identifying developmentally appropriate services for children exposed to violence and their families, improving access to these services, and enhancing the quality and delivery of services.