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Dear colleagues,

As we head into the winter months ahead, we here at OSSR are looking forward to all of the spring funding deadlines. Over the past few months, we’ve helped many faculty and graduate students apply for funding, and we anticipate many new awards for UIC scholars. I am available to meet with you and discuss any questions you may have regarding funding opportunities. I love hearing about all of the exciting and important work that you are doing.

Looking forward, Tracy

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Scholar Spotlight

Tarini BediProfessor Tarini Bedi’s current work is on the Bombay/Mumbai taxi trade. She is looking at a particular community of hereditary drivers, and through this group she can trace the history of the city from early colonial times when horse-drawn carriages were driven, through the start of the auto industry, and into the present, with a liberalized economy and competition with Uber. While many other studies examine the customer-driver relationship or the rider-side of the industry, Bedi’s work focuses on the labor side—including drivers, mechanics, car washes, garages—and the institutions which are involved—government officials, financing agencies, educational institutions, and labor unions. While much of her time is spent with the community doing “mobile ethnography,” another big part of her research is spent in archives focusing on the ways that mobile technologies were exported from England to India. Dr. Bedi has been awarded a Post PhD Research Fieldwork Grant from the Wenner-Glen Foundation to continue this research. Professor Bedi, like many ethnographers, returns to the field (in her case, India) periodically, and her work is fundamentally informed by continued engagement with the community. In her spare time, her “guilty pleasure” is teaching and doing Zumba—an activity she likes everywhere she goes in the world. She also spends a lot of time with her 12-year old daughter, biking, dancing, and playing the sitar.

Photo Credit: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin / UIC Photo


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