Research Project

Brier, Jennifer

Transmedia Collage Historical and Speculative Social Climates on Chicago's South Side

Principal Investigator
Brier, Jennifer
Funding Source
University of Chicago


Transmedia Collage is an interdisciplinary project bringing together a historian, a digital and new media scholar, an adolescent health expert/physician, and a transmedia storyteller. The work will also incorporate a speculative designer, graduate and undergraduate students, and more than 50 South Side residents over the course of 2 years. Transmedia Collage will use a constellation of digital media forms and platforms as sites of scholarship for expanding both the content and form of the public humanities. Storytelling and narrative analysis drive this inquiry. Through narrative methods, we seek to explore the impact of structural violence on adolescent health and wellbeing. Using historical scholarship and speculative storytelling, we will examine 3 generations of South Side adolescents filtered through the lenses of justice and equity. Specifically, we aim to engage youth directly in re-authoring histories and imagining more sustainable climates for South Side adolescents of color. In order to understand one’s future, one must first understand the past.