Research Project

Laden, Anthony

Center for Ethics and Education

Principal Investigator
Laden, Anthony
Funding Source
University of Wisconsin Madison


UIC will take charge of three aspects of the Center’s operations through the subcontract from the grant: 1) It will cover the costs of employing Tony Laden and the Center’s Associate Director. Prof. Laden will share with Prof. Brighouse the task of setting the intellectual agenda of the center, organizing and overseeing its main activities, making final decisions on its awards and choice of senior and junior fellows. 2) It will cover the logistical and financial aspects of paying out the small grants the Center plans to award (up to 4 per year in years 2-5 of the grant). Though the RFPs and advertisements, and the administration of the application and decision process will be done out of the Center’s offices at WCER, the actual paying of the grants and the logistics surrounding those awards will be run by UIC. 3) One of the Center’s two annual conferences will be run out of UIC, including the costs of travel and accommodations for all participants, local meeting space, meals and materials.